Standing on the Ocean: A Layman’s Arctic Adventure


This is a personal account of a month David Fanning spent with oceanographers studying the Arctic Ocean. It speaks to the dangers of telling someone you want to “get out of town.”

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Expressing the vague desire to “get out of town,” and searching for adventure, David Fanning unexpectedly finds himself on thin ice 125 miles off-shore of Deadhorse, Alaska, taking orders from a 18-year-old girl and being tormented by the bad puns of the eccentric scientist who leads the small research team he has been hired to help. This funny and insightful account of a month spent doing oceanographic field research in the Arctic Ocean, while keeping an eye out for polar bears, will not only give you a better appreciation for the dangers and pleasures of scientific research, but will certainly convince you to spend your own holiday adventures in a warmer location.

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